We understand that one of the concerns you may have regarding treatment is cost. Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery’s admissions department can help veterans and their loved ones navigate the options for funding their treatment, and can also offer assistance in securing coverage for those who are uninsured.

Veterans Community Care Network (VA-CCN)

Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery is an approved provider with the Optum Veterans Community Care Network (VA-CCN). In order to secure funding for your treatment through the VA-CCN, both a referral and an authorization from the VA are required. One way to obtain these is by visiting your home county VA office to meet with a primary care doctor. If you are seeking detox and/or residential treatment services, you can discuss utilizing the Community Care Network and attending Pyramid for treatment.  When you call our specialized admissions team, we can walk you through the process every step of the way.

Other insurers

Unfortunately, not all veterans are eligible for coverage via the VA-CCN. Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery is also in-network with many commercial insurance providers as well as Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (Medicaid).

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