Whether you’re a veteran or a family member looking for support in a crisis, more information about how experiencing trauma during combat impacts veterans, or stories from other veterans who have overcome mental health and addiction struggles, we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled a list of useful resources, including support services available to veterans of war, education about mental health and substance use, blogs, podcasts and more.

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We are committed to helping educate our communities while breaking the stigma of mental health and addiction. The purpose of our blog is to help provide information on mental health and substance use disorders in veterans and available treatment options. There is no commitment required to speak with a Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery admissions specialist about your treatment options.

  • Trauma vs. PTSD
  • Trauma and Women Veterans
  • Defining Moral Injury
  • Recovering From Moral Injury After War

Mental Health and Substance Use Resources

Resources for Veterans


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