Many veterans face mental health disorders, substance abuse and other behavioral health changes as a direct or indirect result of military service. We’ve created a curriculum specifically for military veterans who might be experiencing the negative impact on their behavioral health during or after their transition back to a civilian lifestyle.

Through a combination of individual psychotherapy, family therapy, peer support services and integrative treatment methods, we aim to help reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life. You’ll learn to adopt healthy coping mechanisms while navigating life’s persistent challenges, to establish a sense of safety and prepare for the rest of your life.

Process-Based Therapy

Our innovative approach helps veterans achieve distance from life’s struggles by utilizing process-based therapy, which incorporates multiple evidence-based models. You’ll work with a dedicated healthcare professional to engineer a truly unique treatment plan – potentially including process-based therapy modalities like acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and prolonged exposure (PE).

These therapies can help you regulate your emotions and pursue change. You’ll learn effective coping skills to help you avoid stressors and navigate triggers when they do arise. You’ll also learn how to embrace the reality of life, accepting hardship when it arises without providing your struggles any undue power over your quality of life.

A process-based approach can help veterans of all ages deal with issues like emotional dysregulation, suicidal ideation and interpersonal issues. Over time, process-based therapy can help you manage symptoms like depression, anxiety, grief and addiction.

Psychotherapeutic Process Group

In addition to individual psychotherapy sessions, veterans in our treatment programs have access to our psychotherapeutic process group. This group allows veterans the chance to connect with other service members who might be enduring similar struggles. We work to foster a non-judgmental group environment, where all group participants feel safe sharing, listening, and developing a deeper sense of education and respect from other attendees.

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If you or someone you care about is a veteran struggling with mental health, substance use or both, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible. Reach out to Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery today to learn more about our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.

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Mindfulness for Veterans

Mindfulness is flexible and deliberate attention to one’s experience as it happens. When we are mindful, we maintain ongoing, nonjudgmental contact with both psychological and environmental events as they occur. Especially in combination with process-based therapies like ACT, developing mindfulness skills can help you reconnect with the present moment, strengthening direct and immediate interaction with your experiences. Reconnecting with the present moment builds the foundation for increased exposure to thoughts and emotions you might be avoiding.

In mindfulness skill development, you’ll begin with observational exercises to build sustained attention and awareness and eventually progress toward more sophisticated strategies based on your unique experiences. Practicing mindfulness is particularly effective for veterans, because the same skills and discipline that allowed you to focus while in training or deployed can be used to foster a focus on the current moment and what is happening for you both internally and externally. The goal of mindfulness skill development is to allow you to experience the world more directly so that your behavior becomes more flexible and consistent with your personal values.

Veteran Peer Support Services

To help facilitate recovery, encouragement, and conversation, we offer peer support services for any veterans enduring similarly difficult situations. Our peer support services are an evidence-based care program that allows service members to learn from other veterans in a controlled, comfortable atmosphere.

Through shared conversation, open dialogue, and honest questions within a moderated environment, our peer support programming allows each veteran to learn from the life experiences of other service members pursuing recovery.

Holistic & Alternative Treatment Services

In addition to conventional behavioral health treatment modalities and medication management, we also offer holistic and alternative treatment options. Holistic and alternative approaches like mindfulness skill development, acupuncture, and massage can help to restore the connection between mind and body and increase overall well-being.

Family Therapy

Whether you’re a veteran or a friend or family member of someone who has served, you know how important support groups can be in sustained recovery. Our family therapy programming gives veterans of all ages the chance to connect with their loved ones on a regular basis, making both treatment and recovery a group effort.

Alongside other treatment types, we often suggest that veterans participate in family therapy. Family therapy provides an excellent opportunity to discuss any pressing victories, setbacks, or important items with your entire support group. Our family therapy sessions are structured, allowing for the right combination of scheduled events and flexibility that facilitate healing.

Individual Therapy

As part of a personalized treatment plan, we might recommend individual psychotherapy as a proven method to help counteract the struggles you face. Individualized psychotherapy allows you to work one-on-one with a licensed member of our counseling team to tackle challenges that might require a special focus.

Each psychotherapy session you participate in is tailored to your unique situation, needs and treatment goals. You’ll be allowed to freely express your thoughts and feelings in their true forms and ask any questions you might have of our counseling team.

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If you or someone you care about is a veteran struggling with mental health, substance use or both, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible. Reach out to Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery today to learn more about our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.

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