Is transportation provided?2022-07-30T12:07:02-04:00

Yes. We can arrange ground transportation to any of our treatment facilities from any location agreed upon by the client and our admissions staff during the assessment process. When possible, we do transport more than one client at a time, so be aware that you may ride with someone else.

How often am I allowed to have visitors during treatment?2022-06-01T15:21:31-04:00

Currently, due to COVID-19, we do not have on-site visits but staff do facilitate video calls on a weekly basis for clients and their families.

How long does treatment last?2022-06-01T15:21:05-04:00

Treatment length of stay is unique to each individual and their personal treatment goals. Your assigned counselor will complete your level of care assessment and initial treatment plan based on your specific needs and will make treatment recommendations. Short term treatment length of stay is 28-45 days and long term treatment can be anywhere from 45-120 days and in some cases 180 days. Our treatment staff focuses on attainment of goals and progress towards treatment goals and less on number of days in treatment.

Am I allowed to make phone calls while in treatment?2022-06-01T15:20:31-04:00

Depending on the facility, you may need to bring change or a calling card. Some programs offer a designated office phone where calls can be made at no charge. Generally, individuals will receive two phone calls per week – one assigned evening per week and one call with your counselor.

How many clients share a room?2022-06-01T15:20:00-04:00

Our residential/inpatient suites accommodate two or three clients; however, we have a limited number of single rooms at certain facilities to accommodate clients with specific needs.

What should I bring to treatment?2022-06-01T15:19:31-04:00

Required items:

  • Prescription medication in prescription bottle with matching affixed prescription label

Requested items:

  • Insurance card
  • Sealed personal hygiene items including soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, razor, shower shoes and shaving cream
  • No more than 7 days’ worth of clothing
  • Valid ID
  • Unopened tobacco products
  • Cash maximum of $100
What can I expect when I arrive for treatment?2022-06-01T15:18:43-04:00

When you arrive for treatment, you will be greeted by Behavioral Health Tech staff and nursing. Nursing will complete a quick triage and will perform a COVID test. The nursing staff and BHT will then ask you some questions, tag all of your belongings to be searched (later that day) and will gather any medications you may have brought with you to treatment. Nursing and BHT staff will then perform a body search and obtain a urine sample for testing. After this is completed, you will be brought to the unit and will meet with nursing staff to complete your nursing assessment and intake staff to complete releases of information and make your safe call.

Do I need to work with the VA to access treatment through this program?2022-06-01T15:18:07-04:00

In order to secure funding through the VA-CCN (Community Care Network), veteran clients must receive a referral and an authorization from the VA. This can happen in a number of ways, but can generally start by going to your home county VA to meet with a primary care doctor. If you are in need of detox and/or residential treatment services, you can then discuss utilizing the Community Care Network and coming to Pyramid.

Who can receive treatment through this program?2022-06-01T15:17:16-04:00

In order to be considered for the program, an individual must be a veteran of the military, and they must be suffering with a substance use disorder. The program is designed specifically for those individuals who additionally have experienced one or more traumatic events, regardless of whether or not that event was related to their time in the armed forces.

Many clients also experience other challenges, such as chronic pain, mild to moderate health conditions and mental health symptoms.

What mental health challenges do you treat?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

Substance use disorders often go hand in hand with depression, anxiety and other mental health-related issues. The Military Therapy & Recovery Program takes a transdiagnostic approach, which treats all of these as symptoms of a deeper-rooted trauma. Our program will focus more on underlying issues rather than specific psychiatric diagnoses. However, we do require that clients in the program are stable, and not actively suicidal or experiencing psychosis.

Every client has access to psychiatry services and can be considered for psychotropic medications when appropriate.

How long will it take to start treatment?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

Once approved and funding has been secured, we will generally suggest an admission as soon as possible. Transportation will be provided and we can generally pick you up on the day of your call.

In order to secure funding through the VA-CCN (Community Care Network) as soon as possible, it is advisable to go to your home county VA to visit with your primary care doctor and request a referral for treatment. You must be referred by the VA in order to become eligible for treatment via the VA-CCN.

What insurance types to you accept? Do I need VA insurance to qualify?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

Pyramid Healthcare is an approved provider in the VA-CCN (Community Care Network). Veterans can contact their home county VA to determine if they are eligible for funding and request a referral to Pyramid’s Military Therapy & Recovery Program. Pyramid Healthcare also accepts Medicaid, commercial insurance and county funding for those veterans who are not eligible through the VA-CCN.

Can I receive treatment online?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

The Military Therapy & Recovery Program is offered at a residential level of care. Individuals who are appropriate are often struggling to maintain daily functioning as a result of their addiction. Because of this, they will benefit most from living in a safe and structured environment during their stay in treatment. Pyramid Healthcare does offer online outpatient therapy for those who are appropriate through our partner program, Pyramid Online Counseling.

What types of services do you provide?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

The Military Therapy & Recovery Program was built to address complex behavioral health needs that are primarily related to the misuse of alcohol and drugs along with co-occurring mental health challenges. Some individuals may start their recovery journey with a medical detox so they can safely stop using. Others may not require detox, and may immediately begin residential treatment.

The residential program offers education and therapy to address trauma and other issues that lie beneath addiction, depression and anxiety. The 45-day curriculum draws on evidence-based treatment models including ACT, DBT, and CBT. Psychiatry and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) are provided for those who need it, and clients have access to medical professionals to address health concerns.

How do I schedule an appointment?2022-06-01T15:16:35-04:00

Simply call our dedicated admissions experts at 888-202-6071 or fill out our online form here.

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