Individual, Group and Family Therapy

For veterans facing substance use and mental health disorders, Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs offers counseling – individual, group and family therapy – designed to address each client’s unique needs in a compassionate, secure and confidential environment, free from shame, guilt or judgment.

Individual therapy for veterans

As part of a personalized treatment plan, we might recommend individual psychotherapy as a proven method to help counteract the struggles you face. Individualized psychotherapy allows veterans to work one-on-one with a licensed member of our counseling team to tackle challenges that might require a special focus.

Each psychotherapy session you participate in is tailored to your unique situation, needs and treatment goals. You’ll be allowed to freely express your thoughts and feelings in their true forms and ask any questions you might have of our counseling team.

Our counseling team can help you embrace the present moment, while eliminating negative thoughts, to ultimately create, maintain or rebuild meaningful relationships.

Soldier Having Counselling Session With Head In Hands.
Mature African American man smile while discussing something with the people in his support group.

Group therapy for veterans

“People tend to have a lot more empathy for their peers than they do for themselves. If they can have empathy for their peer first, we can then have them learn how to be a better friend to themselves. Group therapy is especially wonderful for veterans because they are trained to work as a unit. Veterans can successfully apply those skills by approaching group therapy as a unit helping one another get well. They are so good at supporting each other.” —Dara Gasior, PsyD, Director of Assessment and Training

In addition to individual psychotherapy sessions, veterans in our treatment programs have access to our psychotherapeutic process group. This group allows veterans the chance to connect with other service members who might be enduring similar struggles. We work to foster a non-judgmental group environment, where all group participants feel safe sharing, listening, and developing a deeper sense of education and respect from other attendees.

Family therapy for veterans

Whether you’re a veteran or a friend or family member of someone who has served, you know how important support groups can be in sustained recovery. Our family therapy programming gives veterans of all ages the chance to connect with their loved ones on a regular basis, making both treatment and recovery a group effort.

Alongside other treatment types, we often suggest that veterans participate in family therapy. Family therapy provides an excellent opportunity to discuss any pressing victories, setbacks or important items with your entire support group. Our family therapy sessions are structured, allowing for the right combination of scheduled events and flexibility that facilitate healing.

Group therapy

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If you or someone you care about is a veteran struggling with mental health, substance use or both, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible. Reach out to Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery today to learn more about our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.