Veteran Substance Use Treatment

Veterans tend to be affected by factors that correlate with substance abuse and misuse, including chronic pain, suicidal ideation, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), homelessness and more. Those who have served in the military also face unique stressors, such as deployment and reintegrating into civilian life. Alcohol and drugs may serve as coping tools for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) or painful memories connected to traumatic experiences.

Zero-tolerance policies for substance abuse and the threat of dishonorable discharge as well as stigma around addiction may deter military personnel from seeking desperately-needed treatment, leading them to suffer in silence as their conditions worsen.

If this sounds familiar to you, know that you don’t need to hide your addiction or face your struggles alone. Help is available.

Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs offers a safe, secure environment for veterans in recovery from substance use disorders, free from judgment or shame. At our veterans addiction treatment center, clients live on-site, receiving education, therapy and medical monitoring while they work through underlying trauma and overcome substance use disorders.

What we treat at our veteran recovery program

Our veteran-specific substance use treatment programming addresses the following:

Whether you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, illicit drug use or substance use accompanied by other mental health symptoms — and wherever you are on your recovery journey — our admissions team will connect you with a treatment program that’s right for you.

Detox / Withdrawal Management

Veterans with substance use disorder or drug and alcohol dependence may need to begin their journey with the detoxification, or withdrawal management, process. At our facility, veterans can safely detox from drugs and alcohol in a comfortable, non-hospital setting, while maintaining 24/7 access to medical care.

Inpatient rehab for veterans

Following detox, clients can transition to our residential co-ed closed-group veteran recovery program, where they will spend an average of 45 days. The length of stay will depend on each individual’s unique needs and progress in recovery.

Utilizing evidence-based treatment modalities and a clinically integrated approach to address moral injury and trauma at their cores, our staff is committed to treating the whole person.

At Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs, veterans in recovery also have access to various amenities and recreational activities to help them discover (and rediscover) ways to enjoy a sober lifestyle and achieve all-around wellness.

group therapy session

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If you or someone you care about is a veteran struggling with mental health, substance use or both, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible. Reach out to Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery today to learn more about our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.