Detox / Withdrawal Management for Veterans

Long-term substance use creates in the body a chemical dependency on alcohol and drugs. Abrupt, sudden removal of the substance, or quitting “cold turkey,” can be dangerous, leading to significant physical symptoms of withdrawal, medical complications and, in some cases, even death. Alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms might include fever, nausea and seizures. Going through withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol can also have difficult psychological effects, such as feelings of anxiety or depression.

While many veterans have a learned tendency to be self-reliant, it is unsafe and potentially life-threatening to try and cope with withdrawal symptoms alone, without medical supervision. Trying to detox without support is also likely to lead to relapse due to cravings and temptation to return to substance use to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

Medically-supervised detoxification, or withdrawal management, is often recommended for individuals with substance use disorders.

Detox and rehab for vets at Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs

Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs offers drug and alcohol treatment for veterans in a safe, comforting environment for managing acute withdrawal symptoms. Our medical detox program for veterans includes 24-hour nursing care, medications for symptom relief and counseling to help clients cope with mental and emotional distress during this early phase of recovery.

Detox Process

  • Intake: The intake process involves evaluation, diagnosis and assessment of treatment needs. If necessary, veterans may also undergo a physical examination and laboratory testing.
  • Observation: Veterans in our program are monitored by our medical team over the course of withdrawal to ensure safety and stabilization.
  • Medication Services: Medical and nursing staff will oversee the prescription and administration of appropriate medication.
  • Treatment Program: Veterans are encouraged to attend educational groups on substance use disorders, coping skills, symptom management and community resources.
  • Discharge Planning: Once stabilization has been achieved, our treatment team prepares veterans for next steps after detox. Veteran-specific residential treatment programming is available onsite. Whether or not clients enter the inpatient program as a next step, we can assist with treatment plans, medical and therapy appointments, housing, VA benefits, community resources, government assistance and more.

To learn more about drug and alcohol treatment for veterans at Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery Programs, call (814) 631-5676. Our knowledgeable, experienced representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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If you or someone you care about is a veteran struggling with mental health, substance use or both, you’re not alone. Recovery is possible. Reach out to Pyramid Military Therapy & Recovery today to learn more about our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs.